Pavol Kunzo

is a PhD. student at IEE SAS. His interest to research on gas sensors started in times of his master studies at Slovak University of Technology. Back then he was a member of IEE team working on a scientific project on composites of carbon nanoparticles and conducting polymers. He was awarded the price of Slovak Academy of Sciences for the excellent diploma thesis. Nowadays in his PhD study he is developing a complex technology for preparation of nanocomposites of conducting polymers and various nanoparticles that can be prepared in by physical methods using ionic liquids. 
Such materials are very promising for applications in sensors.

Peter Lobotka

is at the IEE SAS for almost 40 years. His main activities are related with studying electro- and magnetotransport in thin films, multilayers and nanocomposite materials. He is a leader of some  projects. One of them dealed with nanocomposite thin films to be used for gas sensing. Dr Lobotka was awarded twice by the SAS Award for outstanding research results. He is the author/co-author of  several tens of refereed scientific articles,  cited almost 300 times, and one chapter in a book released by Springer.
In FP7 he acts as a national delegate to the Programme Committee NMP (nanoscience, materials and new production Technologies).

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